"I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything,
but I can do something; I will not refuse to do something I can do."

~ Helen Keller

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trust, and Go with the Flow...

Shortly before we left for Ukraine, I talked to our US facilitator, David, and he gave me two pieces of advice as we go through the adoption process. He said to TRUST, and to GO WITH THE FLOW. He assured us that Sasha, our Ukrainian facilitator, knew the ins and outs of the system, and would guide us through it well. He said even when we did not understand what was going on, to trust...and when we were not told all the details, to trust. Not only that, but this country is much more laid back than the US when it comes to business, so we had to expect to hang loose no matter what. I'm glad he gave us those pieces of advice, for today they both came into play:

- We were told yesterday that after we got our referral today, we would board the overnight train to Jonkoi, and get to see Vova tomorrow. But then Sasha called to tell us that a State Inspection was happening tomorrow at the orphanage, so we would not be able to see Vova then, but would need to wait until Friday (go with the flow...).

- Also, along these same lines, we would not be taking the train tonight, but, rather, will be boarding the overnight train tomorrow (again, go with the flow...).

- We needed to go back to the SDA at 4:00 to get our referral to take to the orphanage. About 3:30, Sasha called to tell us a man, Oleg, was waiting outside our apartment in a white van. We were to go with him, and he would take us to the SDA office (Trust...).

- We arrived at the SDA at 4:00, but had to stand around until 5:00 before we were seen (go with the flow...).

- After that, Sasha told us that he would take care of everything that needed to be done before we left town tomorrow. He didn't tell us what those things were, but I feel confident that he knows exactly what to do, and it isn't necessary to fill us in on the details (Trust...).

We are in a new arena where we are not in control of our every step. But we will TRUST...we will trust in Sasha's wisdom and ability to guide us through the system. And we will trust in God, above all, to keep His hand on everything. There is no need to fear or worry. And even though my heart wants to see Vova tomorrow, I will go with the flow...I will be patient, and calmly wait one more day.


  1. All will be ok. We are praying for you here, and know that God's plan will play out exactly the way he wants it to. I want to call you, but I'll wait until you actually get to meet Vova. I'll talk to you soon, and know that we are praying and love you!

  2. Aaaah, Ukraine. Where they definitely do things on their own time table in their own way.

    You definitely have the right perspective. It's hard to wait that extra day to meet your son. You've waited so long already. But, from an eternal perspective, one more day is not forever. If just feels like it. Try to enjoy your last night in Kyiv for a while.


  3. Praying for you guys everyday, Twila!

  4. David is spot on! He has done this so many times with Sasha and his team in country. We trusted David implicitly. So we trusted Sasha because David did. We didn't understand at certain times. We were confused at certain times. We couldnt' believe it at certain times. But we trusted. And we prevailed. You will too!

  5. Twila and Jeff,
    we are praying for you all each day and for the Lord to "go before you " as well as be your "rearguard". Stand on God's assurance in Isaiah 41:10. Jesus is Lord! Sandy Dunbar

  6. Thank you, everyone, for your posts. It is giving us great strength and encouragement knowing that we are not alone in this...

  7. Praying for you - you have the right perspective. And God knew all these things were going to go exactly the way they are - praying for patience and peace for you guys this one last night before you meet your son!