"I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything,
but I can do something; I will not refuse to do something I can do."

~ Helen Keller

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Melancholy Day

Today our coordinator told us two very important things...one, that our court date has been set for November 11th at 2:00. And, two, that she was catching the train today back to Kiev, and would not be returning until the morning of the 11th. It feels good knowing that after all this time preparing to adopt, the end is finally in sight! It also feels good knowing that Jeff and I are able to take care of ourselves in this foreign land...we can order pizza really well, we can shop at the local grocery store, and we can get around at the orphanage just fine.

Speaking of the orphanage, today was sort of a melancholy day. When we got there, Vova was sitting in the office. Evidently he has a great grandmother who has kept in contact with Vova since he was placed in the orphanage. The best I can understand, Social Services got in touch with this great grandmother to tell her about Vova being adopted, and she said that she might call Vova today to talk to him about going to America with a new family (she does NOT like the idea of Vova going to the USA at ALL). Our coordinator said that the phone call wouldn't affect the adoption at all because the great grandmother is a sickly 84 year old woman, unable to care for him herself. But she said the call probably would be emotional. So we sat together and waited for the phone call. We waited and waited...but she never called.

So we went to our little room, and spent the next hour quietly putting together a 500 piece puzzle. Vova's friends didn't show up today, either. It was just us, and you could tell that Vova was deflated. Our coordinator said that he wanted to talk to his great grandmother to tell her that he wants to go to the US with his new family, and that everything would be alright. But since she didn't call, he didn't have that chance. Maybe she'll call some other day. I hope so.

Please keep little Vova in your prayers tonight.


  1. Poor little guy! That's a heavy burden for a child. Sounds like it could end up being similar to what Alec went through with his mother. Saying a prayer for him now!


  2. Oh my! That's hard. At least she can't stop the adoption. We had a similar situation with Kristina's sister. She had to sign off on the adoption, and then decided she wanted to visit Kristina. We were there for part of the visit. I think it went well, but found out recently from Kristina that it was only the 2nd time she had ever met her sister, and she didn't know who she was when she first got there. Weird.

    Anyway, I'm enjoying your daily updates. You have a great son.


  3. How dear is he... what a thoughtful young boy he is. How tough to have that burden. Praying that God will give him so much peace and comfort and that He will comfort His grandmother and draw her near in this as well.