"I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything,
but I can do something; I will not refuse to do something I can do."

~ Helen Keller

Monday, December 6, 2010

So our "big day" has come and gone...

So our "big day" has come and gone...While it seemed a little anti-climactic it was still pretty big and slightly chaotic. Turns out that were a few mistakes in the court documents/resolution so we have to get those corrected before we can really continue. I haven't been told that these mistakes are a serious problem, but our coordinator has had to work very hard today sorting everything out. At this point in the process, I cannot possibly be more thankful for Stork and all the people that are helping us here. There are many little details that need to be taken care of for each step; so the team has been working very hard to be sure that everything is completed and that we stay on track.

Because of the chaos I didn't get to go to the orphanage until very late in the afternoon. This was OK because with it being cold, everybody was staying inside anyway. Consequently, we just hung out doing the normal afternoon activities; however, one funny little thing did happen. Some of the boys were playing with Twila's new camera (the one that she had just bought hours before I left Thursday). Well, after taking a few pictures and experimenting with some things, they figured out that the camera could actually take videos. Now this little discovery turned out to be the big excitement of the day. Everybody had to get a shot in and show their talents. From all of the takes, it seems that they all know how to dance, and some even aspire to be rappers. I really enjoyed watching their creativity.

Because I arrived there late, and our coordinator was still working, I really had no idea when I was going to leave. 4:00 came and went, then 4:30, finally 5:00. This was the latest I had ever been in the orphanage, and everybody was leaving the suite (they were basically kicking me out). Turns out, instead of homework, they have a late school session where they do their daily assignments. Instead of making me stand there for 1/2 an hour Vova asked if I could join them in the classroom. This was quite cool. Their classroom wasn't much different than those here. It was a little smaller than what we typically see in public schools, but everything was in Russian. There was seating for no more than 18, and the desks were specifically sized for someone less than 120 pounds. Vova wanted me to sit next to him, but I would have looked like Kung Fu Panda trying to squeeze in that seat. During that time some of the kids were diligently working, some were staring off into space, and some were just goofing off. This only shows that kids are the same everywhere you go. I am very glad I was able to experience that time, and I even learned a little Russian cursive to boot (everything in school is in cursive).

Now on to the business at hand. It seems that our big day is actually going to be a series of days; however, as I like to always keep in mind, our God is timeless and He has not fallen short when things don't happen as humanly predicted. Many of us know that all things work out to the good for those who believe, and I believe that this is how we can best show God that we trust him--though our patience. In this day and age we are not given prophets like those in the old testament. We we won't be getting any God forecasts this week about when I will take custody of Vova. Instead, we are given grace through His son, Jesus, which is truly the only way that we can trust in God and let His timing work out in the end.

Thanks again and keep praying.


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